Sugary goodness

June 7, 2010 at 12:34 pm (Assignments, Culture)

Cola flavor Mentos

I love candy. Candy is one of the most amazing things on Earth, I think anyway. There are so many different flavors and textures, all of which have some form of sugar in them. One of my favorite parts of traveling outside the US is getting to try out the different candies. So of course, it only took about a day for me to enter a convenience store and peruse their candy aisle. One of the things I love about Japanese candy is that it’s so true to the flavor it is trying to represent. Melon candies are one of my favorite Japanese candies for two reasons: it’s not a flavor we really see in US and it tastes just like I’m eating a piece of melon. I’m also a big fan of Japanese chocolates. They aren’t significantly different from American chocolate, but the Japanese have a fondness for pairing chocolate with either graham cracker or wafer crisp. This is wonderful for someone who really likes Kit Kats, such as me. Before leaving the country I even picked up a green tea Kit Kat, but I have yet to try it. I don’t really like green tea, so we’ll see how that goes!



  1. jodarbs said,

    For the entire time while I was on this study abroad trip I just wished that someone from home could ship me some American candy. The candy in Japan was okay in taste, and my very candy is a Kit Kat so the chocolate and wafer I really enjoyed. Other than about one or two candies that I could tolerate I was really missing home just because of the selection of junk food.

  2. Radin said,

    I am not a chocolate lover at all, and I might try one once in a month. I have to confess that Japanese chocolates tasted good to me. I also bought some and brought home, and gave some to my sister. She is really loving it.
    One reason was the wafer type! I can’t find any similar product here, so I’m finishing those that I have slowly…
    Japanese food and also chocolates are unique and can’t be found elsewhere.

  3. carlyinjapan said,

    I think one of my favorite candies were any candy that mixed milk chocolate with graham cracker. The Meiji chocolate bar seemed to be the Hersey’s bar of America. Also, it seemed to be very popular for candy to be available in green tea flavor. Not just the candy though, even ice cream and cola had green tea flavors!

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