Sharing is good! (…most of the time)

June 7, 2010 at 12:38 pm (Assignments, Culture)

One thing that I’ve really liked about Japan is the idea of cooking and sharing a meal together.  We had two group dinners, Korean barbeque and shabu shabu, where we would cook the food ourselves in small groups.  I had done both the last time I was in Japan as well, so I knew what to expect.  It’s a lot better than cooking at home because the food was cut up and ready to be cooked, so we literally just had to cook it.  It’s great because we basically just threw a bunch of stuff on the grill (BBQ) or in the pot (shabu shabu) and grabbed what we wanted as it was done cooking.  The Japanese often will slice their meat very thin so it cooks very quickly, which was nice for these dinners because we only had to wait about a minute for our food to be done.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with it and I would definitely do it again!


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  1. robcolejpn said,

    These two experiences were amazing. It was great to be able to cook our own food and even better that they gave us generous portions (thanks Dr. C!). I’ve never been to a type of restaurant where we were able to cook for ourselves so these experiences were something new to me. It was also great that we didn’t have to wait so long to eat after we received the meat because like you said, it was thin and cooked quickly. When I go back I will definitely be going to both restaurants again!

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