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June 7, 2010 at 12:51 pm (Assignments, Culture)

Something I noticed while in Japan is that they eat a lot of pork.  I expected it at the Korean barbeque and shabu shabu because they tend to offer multiple meats at those sorts of things.  But in the convenience stores, the only non-breaded meat sandwich they had were ham sandwiches.  I did not see one turkey or roast beef sandwich the entire time, both of which are fairly common in America.  One ramen shop I went to only seemed to offer ramen in a pork-based broth.  One meal I had was a couple of balls of rice wrapped in cooked pork and the okonomiyaki (not really a pancake, but that’s the easiest way to describe its general look) was topped with slices of bacon.  Ton katsu (breaded pork cutlet) is much more popular than its chicken or beef version.  It surprises me that pork is so popular in Japan because it’s not nearly as popular in America.  I didn’t mind it though because I love pork!

Pork ramen



  1. vidajimenez said,

    I didn’t have the chance to eat pork ramen but I did get the chance to try a seafood ramen dish from the family mart near our hotel. At first it wasn’t bad at all but once I was finished I started to feel a little sick. I guess I failed to notice how raw the fish inside the dish was. I ended up getting sick that night from the meal. After that I was afraid to try any other noodle dish unless it was prepared in front of me.

  2. jodarbs said,

    There was an array of different foods in Japan, but the meat selection was not up to par. I could order either pork or chicken it began to seem like. Other types of meat that could be eating were mainly seafood such as sushi and squid, things of that nature. While I was abroad in Japan I came to like a place called MOS burgers, once I took a bite of there burger my mind was made up. It wasn’t until later that I found out MOS burger was made from soy meat, but at that point it didn’t matter anymore I was already hooked.

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