Gaming differences

June 7, 2010 at 4:53 pm (Assignments, Culture, Games)

One huge difference between Japanese and Americans is the type of games we like to play.  Americans love action games where we get to do crazy stuff and blow stuff up.  The Japanese are much less inclined towards that high-thrill sort of game.  They like the role-playing games and simulation games where it’s way more about the story than anything else.  I doubt a game like Dream C Club, which we saw at D3 Publisher, would be very popular in America because it is basically “a Japanese hostess game where the player gets drunk with the hostess while trying to gain her favor” (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Granted, there are some Americans who would fall in love with Dream C Club, just like there are plenty of American gamers who play role-playing or simulation games.  But overall, I think that sort of game is just too Japanese for us thrill-seeking Americans.  And I won’t even get into the more erotic ones…


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  1. iamnicholashenry said,

    I agree that in America most people are looking for the uber violence one can only find in a first person shooter, which seems to be creating a void between American games and Japanese games. At Waseda University a student even asked me why Americans like shooting games. I personally do not play them very often, so I was unable to reply. This example goes right along with the idea of the differences between geek and otaku, because many gamers who play first person shooter can be categorized as geeks by American standards, but not otaku.

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