June 7, 2010 at 5:49 pm (Assignments, Culture)

I’ve never been a huge fan of baseball, though I don’t mind going to games.  Baseball games in Japan are crazy compared to ones in the US.  The fans have set cheers they will do and there’s a place on the scoreboard that lets the stadium know which cheer will be next.  They can unfurl a flag that covers about 15 rows or so in a matter of half a minute, wave it around for the duration of the cheer, and then it will be gone by the time you’ve blinked.  If someone scores a hit, the stadium goes wild.  If someone scores a run, the stadium goes wild for 5 minutes straight.  And they are so courteous to the other team.  When it’s the visitor’s turn up to bat, the home fans will allow the visiting fans to do their cheers without trying to overpower them or anything like that (something American fans love to do).  But if the home team makes an incredible out, once again the stadium goes wild.  Overall, it was a lot of fun, even though I have no idea who the opposing team was other than “B”.

Cheerleaders at the Tokyo Giants game



  1. jaredinjapan said,

    That baseball game was incredible! I absolutely loved how the fans were. There was never a dull moment with their cheers. I’m also happy with how the game turned out. It was one of the most exciting home games I’ve ever seen. Watching the home team score two home-runs in a row was pure magic. I now know why it’s important for every person to experience a Japanese baseball game.

  2. fleuritta said,

    Although Carly explained the game to me, it was quite hard to immediately grasp it and understand what was going on in the field. However, I must admit that I immensely enjoyed watching the Japanese audience cheering in such a harmonious way! To be honest, my head was literally directed towards the audience rather than the players! Carly and me were cheering for the Giants; I personally knew nothing about them but I conformed to the cheering! I also learned a new routine! 😀

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